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Although we shall be unable to stop the of the road accidents happening on account of natural and technical factors, but we can certainly prevent the whopping 90 % of road accidents which occur due to human errors. So let us achieve this by way of public participation and public awareness in an extensive manner. Yes, this is possible and we are committed to the task. Come one, come all to make our city accident free!.


The founder of this organisation have cherished the vision of ‘Accident Free City’. Saving Human Life and eventually the families of the victims of the fatal accidents is the objective behind the Vision of Jeevan Suraksha Prakalp.


For turning the Vision into reality we have embarked on the mission in variety of ways including Road Safety Awareness right from school level, college level and general public which will spread and expand further to benefit present and future generations.


Apart from spreading awareness on Road Safety we would first like to set a goal of achieving ‘accident free streets’. Solutions will be found through research, survey and feedback. Starting with roads the entire city can be brought under the ambit of our Mission.


We believe that the success of any programme, project on Social issues depends largely on the participation, cooperation of the public. Keeping this aspect in view we have devised strategies which are workable, practicable and effective.

JSP Activities

School Children and General Public taking Pledge to follow Traffic Rules

JSP Pledge

Pledge to follow Traffic Rules

School Children

To start with we will begin with school children for Road Safety Awareness programmes.

General Public

Sections of general public will be educated on Road Safety through informative workshops.

Govt./Private Offices

Road Safety Pledge will be administered to the staff of Govt. and Pvt. Organisations by our volunteers.

Regular Occurance

Recurrence of Road Safety activities at regular intervals for continuity as part of our ceaseless campaign.


Lives Saved


Apaghata Rakshaks






The best the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing


We implement the following model to achieve our objective of Accident Free Nagpur City

Accident Free Individual

Individual person will first be under our focus as regards Road Safety. This is crucial in the interest of the family members dependent upon that individual.

Accident Free Family

The aware Individual person will further educate his family members on Road Safety for prevention of mishaps to them in the context of Road accidents in particular.

Accident Free Premises

The Individual person and his family having been made aware about Road Safety which will in turn make the whole premises educated about Road Safety concerns.

Thus we will be able to raise a sort of peoples’ movement to achieve the goal of Accident Free Nagpur. The Mission envisioned by our Organisation will be fulfilled by making Accident free Individual, Accident free Family and ultimately accident free Society. This phenomenon will spiral into other parts of the city. We are confident that our workable, practicable strategies, programmes, systematic steps and concerted efforts will go a long way to make the Nagpur city accident free. 

Accident Free City Model on Radio

Awareness program on Accident Free Nagpur City


Facebook and Whatsapp Campaign on Road Safety


Jeevan Suraksha Prakalp has started Road Safety Campaign on Facebook and Whatsapp. The objective is to reach large no. of people and aware them on Road Safety.

Road safety education plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and behaviours of children and young people – ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Our Objective

Research Centre on Road Safety and Measures and Awareness

With a fierce desire to help mankind in distress and his deeply rooted involvement in saving accident victims an organisation “Jeevan Suraksha Prakalp s formed twelve years back. Since then JSP has been..

Award for Apaghata Rakshak


This is a unique project to motivate and to train the citizens so that without any fear or reluctance people will come forward to save the lives of the victims of road accidents whenever, wherever they witness..


You can participate in Road Safety Awareness Campaigns and other activities of the Organisation.

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